Rotor Assembly


ROTOR ASSEMBLY is a newly formed sound art and percussion ensemble by leading Australian sound artist James Hullick and emerging percussionist Hamish Upton. ROTOR ASSEMBLY takes chamber music discourse and translates it into a 21st century expression of urban density and mechanization primarily through primal and large-scale percussion instruments with vocals and electronics.

James picture

“truly mind-blowing” Chelsea Clinton Press, New York.

James Hullick is a composer, sound artist, pianist, vocalist, guitarist and artistic director who exists at the forefront of international sonic arts creation and presentation. James’ sonic practice is wide-ranging and is characterised by an unusual ability to use sound to engage in social issues. His projects have been presented internationally for a variety of ensembles and electronic formats. Innovative sonic terrains that James continues to work through include: recursive compositional techniques, perceptual music making, real time scores, sound making machines and community arts projects. James founded JOLT (2008) and has artistically directed many projects since that time. JOLT projects and festivals have taken place internationally in the US, Japan, China, Europe and the UK.

James is one half of the barnstorming visual-audio outfit The Duckworth Hullick Duo, and is currently Ensemble Manager for The Amplified Elephants at the Footscray Community Arts Centre. James plays guitar and vocals for the band Ten Thousand Year Orbit with drummer and sound artist Nat Grant. James was a three-year Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Melbourne (2012-15). He was awarded a Creative Australia Fellowship through the Australia Council for the Arts (2015) and received the Michael Kieran Harvey Piano Scholarship (2015-16). James is a Visiting Fellow at RMIT University and Director of JOLT Arts.


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